School Council

School Councils play a key role in Victorian government schools. A School Council develops a vision for the school in collaboration with all members of the school community and is actively involved in the development and endorsement of the school’s strategic plan. The input of School Council into the governance and organisation of school operations is a strategic way of providing programs and facilities for the school life of children.


School Council comprises elected parents, teachers and school community members. The Principal attends Council meetings as Executive Officer. School Community members can be co-opted onto School Council for a specific short-term project or assignment. The term of office of school councillors is two years. School Council meets approximately two times a term. The structure of School Council business is based around a number of subcommittees. (See School Council subcommittee section of this website) The subcommittees meet regularly and undertake much of the work in organising and monitoring major areas of school operations. Often School Council members are on one of the subcommittees and undertake a liaison role between the Council and the subcommittee.


The School Council at Osbornes Flat Primary School has been acknowledged as a hardworking, committed group of parents and staff, who enjoy working for all children at this level of community leadership. Our meetings are businesslike and productive, and we adhere to highly respectful expectations of conduct as set out in our school values. The Council has enjoyed a very friendly and affirming atmosphere at its meetings. Whilst there is always a full agenda of reports to complete, School Councillors also enjoy each other’s company and the shared experience of supporting our learning community at Osbornes Flat Primary School. Vacant positions for School Council are declared each February via the newsletter. Nominations are called for from the parent and DEECD employee electorates. Formal elections are held if necessary. The School Council Annual General Meeting is held at the end of March each year. All parents are invited to attend.


Within guidelines provided by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development(DEECD), a School Council has responsibilities for developing such things as:


    The school Strategic Plan which sets out the main goals and priorities of the school for three years

    The school's budget which allocates the available resources to make sure objectives of the strategic plan are carried out

    The organisational policies of the school

    The physical appearance and maintenance of the school's buildings and grounds

    The student code of conduct which provides a safe and orderly environment for learning

    The publication of the annual report on the school's achievements.

Council Members 2018

  • Executive Officer, Act Principal – Sarah Kohne
  • DET Representative -  Tameeka Godde
  • President - Lincoln Ablett
  • Vice President – Nicole Boyd
  • Secretary – Jane Moore
  • Treasurer – Melissa Crothers
  • Grounds and Maintenance – Andrew Smith Allen
  • Fundraising - Robyn King
  • Parent Member – Emma Ablett
  • Community Member - Steve Murphy