OFPS Vision and Values




  Our Vision Pledge


Our purpose is to nurture community minded learners who are self-motivated and challenge themselves to become resilient problem-solvers over the course or their learning journey.


 Our School Values


Our new School Values are a result of substantial work and a collaboration between parents, students and our School. At Osbornes Flat Primary School, we explicit teach our students our to live and breath these values in their daily lives. We also expect that our staff and parents demonstrate these values at all times.



Respect for Ourselves


Explicitly teaching our students, staff and community to treat themselves kindly, to look after their mental health and wellbeing, and to use effective strategies to cope when under stress. We recognise the importance of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), directly teaching students about respectful relationships and being resilient. Using a Growth Mindset is important for our students to engage in their learning. 


Respect for Others


Explicitly teaching our students, staff and community to be respectful of others and be inclusive of all individuals, regardless of cultureal backgrounds and neurodiversity. We provide our students with the toolkit needed to include everyone, ensuring that no student feels excluded. We celebrate differences and accept that individuality drives personality and behaviour.


Respect for the Environment


Explicitly teaching our students, staff and community to care for our classrooms, School and broader community environments. We are so lucky to be situated amoungst some of the greatest landscapes in the area. Looking after the environment means the animals and plant life remain pollution free and that we can all learn together in a clean and safe environment.


Our School Values Behaviour Matrix sets out the expected behaviours that are explicitly taught. Furthermore, it reminds our students of the sorts of example behaviours that are role modelled for our Junior students and acknowledged for all.




Osbornes Flat Primary School is a School Wide Positive Behaviour School (SWPBS), working tirelessly to ensure expected and desired behaviours are acknowledged and celebrated.



Our School Behaviour Matrix is the result of work undertaken with SWPBS coaches, our students and staff and the broader community, on what we value in positive behaviour traits, accepted by the community. The SWPBS Framework brings tigether school communities to develop positive, safe, and supportive learning cultures. Utilising the framework ensure teachers and students have more time to focus on relationship building and classroom behaviour instruction. Being involved in the framework has seen the benefits of:

  • Increased respectful and positive behaviours
  • Increased time focused on behaviour and wellbeing education
  • Improved social-emotional wellbeing of our students
  • Positive and respectful relationships among students and staff
  • High use of evidence-based instructional behavioural practices
  • Predictable learning environment with improved perceptions of safety and increased student attedance.



We would love to meet you and welcome you and your family into the Osbornes Flat PS family!

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