Specialist Subjects



In the Junior unit, students are encouraged to use Italian as much as possible for classroom routines, social interactions, structured learning tasks, and language experimentation and practice. The focus is on introducing self, stating likes and dislikes on different topics ,learning simple sentence structure and intercultural awareness. Activities and tasks are based on an Italian text and are differentiated according to the ability of students. Outdoor games are usually incorporated with instructions given in Italian.                                                                             


Years 4-6

In the Senior unit, students increase their range of Italian language vocabulary, grammatical knowledge, textual knowledge and intercultural awareness. Depending on the topic, students work on projects or choose differentiated activities from a grid. Pronunciation and intonation are a big focus as well as composing grammatically correct sentences.  Students learn skills in reading’ language for cultural and contextual meaning. Oral-presentation and performance skills are developed through researching and organising information, and selecting appropriate language to engage particular audiences.



At Osbornes Flat Primary School, all students get to participate in 1 hour of Science per week. The Science program aims to excite and instil in students a love for the subject.


There are 4 main topics that are a covered over a year; Chemical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences and Earth and Space Sciences. 


Lessons in the junior school include many different experiments and investigations, the safe and proper use of equipment and they begin to develop a basic scientific vocabulary. 


In the Senior school, students are encouraged to question and take more responsibility for investigations. They are assisted in analysing results and how they can be related to the real world.  

Science plays a vital part in our world and students at Osbornes Flat Primary School get the opportunity to explore this domain in a fun and engaging way. 


Art – MACC   

 Mrs Earles   

Once a fortnight Osbornes Flat Primary School is visited by Heather Earles and the MACC Van. Heather is an experienced teacher and provides art lessons to each grade for 1.5 hours. The Mobile Art and Craft Centre vans (MACC) are a fleet of mobile art classrooms which provide specialist art education to rural and remote primary schools. These vans ensure that students in rural schools get the same opportunities as their cousins in bigger schools, ensuring that they too can begin their High School years with a solid grounding in the Visual Arts. Every year the students are also given the opportunity to design costumes and props for the Yackandandah Arts Festival as well as enter artworks in local festivals and exhibitions. Each lesson is full of creativity, imagination and colour! 




Library – MARC



The Mobile Area Resource Centre (MARC van) is a small mobile library.  Bronwen Martin and her MARC van visit Osbornes Flat Primary School on a two week rotation.


The MARC van is filled with picture story books, fictional novels, non-fiction books as well as teacher resources for students and teachers to borrow. Students are able choose books from the library van to read over a two week period.

MARC lessons allow students to share a book, discuss different literature, think critically and explore issues in greater detail with an activity that integrates into other key learning areas.




Teachers regularly incorporate music lessons into their class program, utilising the large range of musical equipment that the school owns. During these music sessions students are able to create and respond to music individually, in small groups and as a whole class. The students are able to have fun whilst exploring and experimenting with all elements of music.


Each year the students participate in the Wodonga and District Arts Festival, where they are able to perform items in front of a large audience alongside other schools from the region. A commitment to a yearly end of year concert also gives the opportunity for students to apply their musical skills in a practical way.


Many students choose to participate in guitar, ukulele, violin or piano lessons with a private instructor during their school day. Their hard work culminates in an annual instrumental music recital where students are able to perform solo items in front of their friends and family.     




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