Osbornes Flat Primary School holds a number of transition days towards the end of the year for children joining us in Foundation the following year. During these sessions children become familiar with the school, the teachers and other students. Over the course of Term 4 these sessions increase in length and by their fourth visit to our school they stay for the whole day (Statewide Transition Day).



Our new Foundation students are surrounded by students of various ages who they can rely on for assistance or as a play buddy. The culture of our school fosters a sense of family and it is an expectation that all students care for each  other no matter what age group or year they are in. Each new Foundation student will also have a Year 6 buddy who will get to know them and be a familiar and friendly face when they first start school. The senior buddies will be there during transition days and on the first day of school - ready to ensure our new children are happy and comfortable in the classroom and the playground. 


Step Up to School Program

Osbornes Flat Primary School has also commenced a Step Up To School program where children aged 3-5 years are able to join their parents for short small group sessions to practice the skills required at school. These sessions include early literacy and numeracy activities, oral language games and activities that develop children's fine motor skills. If you would like to know more about this program please contact the front office.