Annual Implementation Plan

All Victorian Government Schools must prepare an A.I.P each year which outlines how the school will implement the goals and key improvement strategies (K.I.S) that will be their focus for improvement in the coming year. 

The A.I.P includes:

  • S.S.P goals, targets and K.I.S selected for focus that year
  • 12-month targets that track progress against 4-year targets
  • actions that will be undertaken to implement the selected K.I.S
  • intended outcomes of the actions (changes in knolwedge, skills and behaviours) as well as success indicators that will be used to measure the outcomes
  • the related activities that will be completed to achieve the outcomes, including resourcing, responsibility, and timelines for completeion
  • a funding planner to fund the various elements of the A.I.P
  • a professional learning planner for staff

The A.I.P operationalises the 4-year S.S.P and provides the overall direction for the school in any given year. 


To view our School's Annual Implementation Plan, please click the link below:


Annual Implementation Plan 2024


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