Below you will find the vision and values at present BUT... watch this space!



Our School Vision


Our purpose is to nurture community minded learners who are self-motivated and challenge themselves to become resilient problem solvers over the course of their learning journey.


Our School Values

Good Manners : The habit of speaking and acting in a way which gives people a feeling of being appreciated, valued and respected. The habit of using words and actions of good manners with sincerity.

We Will:

  • Listen with quiet hands, feet and mouths.
  • Look at the person speaking.
  • Listen from start to finish.
  • Listen beyond what is said to how it is said.



Friendliness : The habit of being interested in others. The habit of sharing your time, ideas, feelings, belongings and yourself with others. The habit of saying and doing things to lessen the labour and effort of others. (Helpfulness)


We will :

  • Not deliberately hurt other people’s bodies or feelings.
  • Take care of property and the environment.
  • Be friendly even to those who aren’t our friends.
  • Remember that what we do can sometimes hurt others, so we must act safely.
  • Listen beyond what is said to how it is said.


Courage: The habit of accepting your fear and nevertheless making yourself say or do the things you know are right and more important than your fear. The habit of sticking to your values and resisting the temptation to abandon them.


We will :

  • Try our personal best at everything we do.
  • Not run away from problems or things that we find hard to do.
  • Take responsibility for our own actions.
  • Seek the truth.
  • Listen to our conscience.


Persistence/ Resilience : The habit of trying again and again without complaint or the need for a reward. The habit of accepting failure as a stepping stone to success and bouncing back. The habit of seeing problems and difficulties as things you can do something about to make better.


We will:

  • Keep trying even when we make a mistake or fail.
  • Trust our teacher and give things a go even if we don’t like those things or find them hard.
  • Have really good reasons for not giving something a go.
  • Look inside ourselves for the bravery we need.


Tolerance/Acceptance : The habit of accepting and respecting difference. The habit of accepting things you cannot change. The habit of avoiding judgement. The habit of forgiving faults and the patience to work with them.


We will:

  • Know our feelings and take charge of them.
  • Respect the rights and traditions of others.
  • Not say nasty things about people and spread rumours.
  • Listen beyond what is said to how it is said.


Compassion : The habit of caring deeply for the plight of others and the desire to help. The habit of doing and saying things to raise the spirit of another (Kindness).


We will:

  • Use our words and actions to help people not hurt them.
  • Help people in difficulty.
  • Tell a teacher if we hear or see something that might be dangerous to others or to us.
  • Listen beyond what is said to how it is said.


The outcome of these Values is:


Empathy : A person of good character who:

  • Embodies all the key virtues and develops them through vigorously adhering to his/her values to ensure they become the habits of behaviour that define his/her character.
  • Has an awareness of others with the ability to see things from another’s point of view and the ability to identify with the plight, state or needs of another.